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Artist Statement

My photography navigates corporeality as it relates to the erotic. All humans seek out pleasure, however, we’ve become limited or rather pushed underground in the expression of such sensations. To illuminate the interactions between the different physical and spiritual bodies and how, through color, texture, movement, fashion, love & the lack thereof creates the erotic in any given space. 

What does it mean to exist as a person that is past, present and future? When you interact with my world, what sensations show up? I want everyone to see/feel the divine when experiencing my work, but depending on where you fall on the spectrum of most conservative to ultra tranny is how positive or negative your experience will be. Make no mistake in my previous sentence; anyone that seeks harm upon me and my community can fuck off. I choose to focus my energy elsewhere. The goal in my work is simple…. Does this shot look cool, sexy and whimsical?

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